Intelligent Machine Observers for Digital Transformation

FirstSense introduces unique Digital Assistants to human process scenarios. We make this possible by deploying application specific Machine Observers that utilize Video and Data Analytics.


Digital Assistance in Human Process

Unique Machine Observers (MO)

Enable your application and team with the assistance of our intelligent Machine Observers to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Utilizing the Power of Visual Analytics

MOs are built using multimodal AI framework and classical Computer Vision techniques, fine-tuned for the target application.

Simplified Adaptation Options

Single Solution approach combines Cloud and Edge analytics components along with visual insights. SDKs are provided for tighter integration into your ecosystem.

Visual Intelligence Paired with Experience

We use multimodal inputs to create insights about visual scenes and events. Insights are actionable, providing automation options. Visualization is provided in the comprehensive dashboard.

Machine observers have their intelligence distributed between edge and cloud (public or private). Edge AI is made possible with our proprietary computer vision modules. User’s data is securely archived in FirstSense backend infrastructure when opted for.

The founding team of FirstSense has decades of experience building video IPs and commercial audio-video products. Leveraging this expertise and the power of AI, we ensure the most efficient digital transformation of your use cases.



FirstSense addressed some of the challenges faced by today’s phygital classrooms. With the aim of improving class interactions and thereby bettering the learning outcome, FirstSense came up with ClassDynamics - a tool for assisting teachers with deeper insights about interactions in their class.

Remote Proctoring

Adhering to the concept of examinations as a process of improvement, we developed an automated proctoring solution for schools, universities and professional bodies. The solution is deployable as a full-fledged service with various visualization and reporting options.

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